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Primor and Vittorio d’ Firenze is an enterprising home décor reseller based in the United States. Primor’s goal is to support the entrepreneurial needs of their sales representatives and provide them with the dedicated resources necessary for mutual growth.

Primor has a unique business model that combines wholly-owned and franchised retail locations, e-commerce stores, and a vibrant network of customers and sales representatives that drive its growth. This business model is supported by a simple and efficient system of sales via catalog through Primor sales representatives throughout the United States.

The Challenge

Primor’s operations run on Microsoft Dynamics, including their call center phone orders, and their distribution centers on both the East and West coast. Their owned and franchised retail stores use Microsoft Dynamics RMS and they have a custom, multi-language website that is used by both customers and resellers.

Primor needed to identify their customers across all systems and automatically apply consumer or reseller benefits and promotions, regardless of where the purchase was made, but their setup represented a unique challenge.


Primor and bLoyal worked together to implement bLoyal Executive Edition across their brands and channels, which provided a seamless loyalty experience for their customers. The first step was to ensure a first time customer could easily join their programs in store, online or over the phone, and a single master customer profile was automatically created in bLoyal so the customer could start enjoying promotions and benefits in real-time, regardless of where they purchased.

Furthermore, as the relationship with the customer evolves they  may become a reseller, and with bLoyal, Primor could now easily upgrade them to the Reseller Program.

All their Reseller benefits started applying in real time across all stores and channels, and their purchase and engagement history was preserved in a single profile, giving Primor a 360 degree view of each and every customer and reseller all in one place. The same model extends to franchisees to support the commercial relationship with the franchise operators and their customers in a unified way.

This solution based on bLoyal Executive Edition has fueled Primor’s growth as they continue expanding into new markets and brands.

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