Non-profit Loyalty Solutions

As a non-profit organization, you already understand the value of recurring donations, loyalty, and donor stewardship, but you likely still face many challenges both with awareness marketing and donor engagement. Loyalty programs for non-profit organizations can help alleviate many of those concerns by offering more rewarding experiences, personalized engagements, automated processes, and incentives to keep funding coming your way.

bLoyal helps non-profit organizations easily add, stay in touch with and reward shoppers and donors, alike, with incentives for frequent engagment and purchases.

bLoyal’s non-profit loyalty program software takes member loyalty a step further by putting advanced tools at your fingertips for both attracting the attention of new members and building stronger awareness and relationships with existing or prior contributors.

Non-profit organizations and their employees have limited resources available, yet they still need to have processes in place to efficiently attract new interest and engage prior donors. bLoyal offers everything you need for outbound marketing, program segmentation, personalized engagement, and recurring order processing through a single user interface.

Non-profit Features

Our non-profit loyalty system is available in multiple “editions,” that allow you to choose only what you need now, with options to infinitely scale up later.

  • Advanced order processing options integrate with your website for a seamless experience both on and offline
  • Donors can opt in for recurring payments or subscriptions, and you can offer exclusive incentives, tiered membership programs, and much more
  • Members can sign up through your website, social media, text-to-join, or you can enroll them during the flow of transactions either on the phone or in person
  • Member information is automatically stored in our 360 customer relationship management system (CRM) so you can see each member’s history, engagements, preferences, and more
  • Use bLoyal’s market segmentation tools to communicate effectively with your members based on what matters most to them
  • You’ll no longer need to worry about maintaining different databases or spreadsheets for sending out newsletters or announcements, because outbound marketing is a feature that is built-in, and you can even send out surveys to get direct feedback from your members
  • bLoyal includes over 70 standard reports directly out of the box, and custom reporting options so that you can analyze the effectiveness of your loyalty and marketing campaigns
  • Customizable user dashboards give program leaders useful performance information at a glance
  • Members can sign in online or through a mobile web app to edit their profile information, preferences, or monthly commitments
  • If you accept online donations or sell merchandise through your website, bLoyal eCommerce integrations keep your information in sync across all channels, and we’re PCI compliant so you can be confident that your contributors’ transactions are secure

Non-profit Types

  • Civic Leagues
  • Social Welfare
  • Local Associations
  • Labor, Agricultural, and Horticultural Organizations
  • Business Leagues
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Real Estate Boards
  • Co-ops
  • Social and Recreational Clubs
  • Volunteer Organizations

If you’re looking for new, intuitive ways to strengthen your non-profit contributors’ loyalty, boost stewardship, and increase the value of your member donations, get in touch today. The bLoyal system is available for integration with many point-of-sale, merchant processing, and back office systems. We offer custom integrations for any systems that we don’t currently support.

Call us to schedule a bLoyal demonstration and learn more about how a loyalty or rewards program can benefit your non-profit organization.