Email Marketing Made Easy with bLoyal

Engage Loyalty Program Members

Unlock the power of outbound marketing with bLoyal’s integrated email marketing tools. Say goodbye to third-party systems – now you can effortlessly send exclusive, personalized offers directly to your loyalty program members via email.

Streamlined Customer Data Platform Segmentation

Keep your member contacts organized with segmented lists and categories. Our customer data platform enables targeted promotions based on demographics, behaviors, and preferences. Say goodbye to managing separate mailing databases and hello to hassle-free segmentation.

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Comprehensive Customer Data at Your Fingertips

With bLoyal’s cloud-based 360 CRM software, you have all the insights you need. Manage subscribers, view complete customer profiles, build campaigns, and access in-depth analytics from anywhere, at any time. Stay on top of your marketing initiatives effortlessly.

Precise Segmentation for Relevant Campaigns

Segment users based on demographics, preferred stores, and more. With static and dynamic segmentation down to the SKU level, your campaigns will always be relevant to your members. Targeted messaging has never been easier.


Simplify Bulk Emailing with Custom Templates

Sending bulk emails within bLoyal is a breeze. Create newsletters using custom-branded templates and effortlessly send them to member groups or all members. Announce events, run promotional campaigns, share exclusive content, and track engagements – all from the bLoyal dashboard.

Uncover Valuable Insights

Gain instant insights into your email campaigns. Track opens and clicks to understand what resonates with your members. Shape future messages and promotions based on real engagement metrics. Maximize customer lifetime value with automated and static email campaigns.

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Personalize and Automate Email Communications

Harness the power of personalization. Automatically send emails based on customer lifecycle events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and referrals. Utilize purchase data to communicate based on specific SKUs or total purchases. Elevate the personalization of your campaigns.

Supercharge Your Email Marketing with bLoyal

Discover the simplicity and effectiveness of bLoyal’s email marketing tools. Maximize engagement, personalize communications, and drive customer loyalty. Start optimizing your customer lifetime value today.