bLoyal Data Migration

Seamlessly Transfer Your Legacy Data

If you have an existing membership, loyalty, or customer data platform, bLoyal has you covered. Our solution experts are here to efficiently migrate your legacy data into your bLoyal account, ensuring a smooth transition and preserving your valuable information.

Effortless Data Import Process

Our assisted data import process follows these steps to ensure accuracy and completeness:

data migration

bLoyal will provide you with the necessary Microsoft Excel file formats specific to each data set you want to import. This tailored approach ensures seamless data transfer.

Our solution experts will closely collaborate with you, assisting in the interpretation, mapping, and formatting of all data fields. This ensures that your data is accurately represented in your bLoyal account.

You will export your existing data from the legacy system and prepare it in the provided bLoyal formats. Our team is available to assist you throughout this process.

bLoyal will conduct two imports of the .csv or .txt files into your account—one test import and one final go-live import. This double-import approach ensures data accuracy and completeness.

Our team performs rigorous import quality assurance measures to verify that the data migration is successful and error-free.

You will have the opportunity to perform acceptance testing, ensuring that the imported data aligns with your expectations and requirements. Your approval signifies the completion of the migration process.

Diverse Data Sets Supported

With bLoyal, you can import a wide range of data sets, including:

  • Gift and loyalty balances: Preserve your customers’ existing loyalty points and ensure seamless gift card redemption.
  • Customer Sales Information: Retain valuable purchase history, allowing you to analyze customer behavior and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.
  • Customer Demographics: Maintain contact information and demographic details to personalize your communication and enhance customer engagement.
  • Membership Preferences: Transfer membership preferences seamlessly, allowing for a smooth transition and continuity in delivering personalized experiences.

And much more! Our flexible data migration capabilities ensure that your specific data requirements are met, empowering you to make the most of your bLoyal platform.

Make a Seamless Data Migration Today

Take advantage of our expertise and streamlined data migration process to seamlessly transfer your legacy data into bLoyal. Contact our team today to get started and unlock the full potential of your loyalty and customer engagement initiatives.