bLoyal is a cloud-based omnichannel customer loyalty and order processing platform that works across channels and devices. A crucial part of being an omnichannel solution is integration with other systems. bLoyal provides an open integration service to enable clients and partners to integrate bLoyal with any system. Our goal is to make it easy for you to add bLoyal services to your POS application, E-commerce system, website, or BackOffice system.

The bLoyal APIs were designed around the following primary users and use cases:

  • Custom Web Designers/Developers

  • POS Application Vendors

  • E-commerce Application Vendors

  • BackOffice Application Vendors

There are two primary integration scenarios or phases to consider:

There are 2 bLoyal services you may integrate with.

The bLoyal Grid and the bLoyal Loyalty Engine. The API swagger definitions for each are below.

bLoyal Grid – Used for back-office integrations (

The Grid is an integration service that makes it easy to sync data with bLoyal for back-office systems. This is what would be needed for scenario #1 above. It enables data syncing for pretty much every entity in our system which is why the swagger definition is so big. You would just need to submit SalesTransactions to us. We would then use those sales to accrue customer benefits and resolve customers and/or create customers that may be assigned to the transaction.!/SalesTransactions/PostEntityChanges

bLoyal Loyalty Engine– Used for real-time “in-flow” integrations (

The Loyalty Engine is what you would use for a real-time integration.

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