bLoyal’s Executive edition is the most powerful set of loyalty and rewards tools on the market for multi-brand Corporations, with innovative features that follow your customers’ individual journeys and give you the power to create distinct and personalized programs across Brands or unique for each Brand to meet your loyalty marketing strategy.


Once integrated, you’ll have access to an unrivaled set of loyalty program management tools for multi-brand Corporations that will help you achieve your business goals. These include:

Multi-Brand Capabilities  

  • Provide unique programs per Brand or create programs that span across all or some of your Brands
  • Multi-brand Member and Product partitions
  • Multiple loyalty buckets or wallets to accrue differentiated program balances

Omnichannel Single Master Customer Record  

  • Integrate your POS with the ecommerce system of your choice 
  • Customers can easily join your programs online or in-store 
  • Ensure a single master customer record with all their information, purchase history and communications in one place

Powerful Promotions  

  • Increase your average ticket with promotions targeted to specific customer segments  
  • Order level and SKU specific promotions like volume discounts, BOGO & GWP  
  • Cross-sale and up-sale capabilities  
  • Frequent buyer programs over multiple purchases 

Frequent Buyer Programs

  • Use incentives and rewards to encourage future purchases
  • Customers can accrue balances over multiple purchases towards meeting a reward threshold in a future purchase
  • Track programs at the SKU level to get refunded by manufacturers where applicable

Pre-Paid & Recurring Subscriptions

  • Recurring, predictable revenue. Consumers spend around 5% of their total spending on subscriptions.
  • Pre-paid or recurring billing subscriptions let your customers access unique customer benefits
  • Manage expirations and renewals seamlessly across all your sales channels

Club Memberships, Recurring Shipping & Pickup Orders

  • Sign up new members easily in-store and online, including their preferences and stored credit card for recurring orders
  • Manage shipping or pickup preferences to serve your customers they way the want
  • Let consumers personalize their next shipment online, increasing revenues and reducing management costs

Flexible Loyalty Programs

  • Retain customers and bring them back for their next purchase
  • Accruals on total purchases & product bonus points.
  • Automated points conversions to promotions or awarded coupons
  • Configurable points expirations to create urgency

Viral Coupons & Coupon Awards

  • Make it easier to entice people to try your product before they buy at full price.
  • Shareable Coupons are a great way to increase Word of Mouth
  • Surprise your customers with Awarded Coupons that are specific to their purchase history
  • Use Coupon Usage & Date Limits to create urgency

Real-Time Lifecycle Engagement  

  • Engage with your customers via email and text messages to grow your programs  
  • Dynamic segments to automatically engage with your customers throughout their lifecycle  
  • Personalized messages from signup and first purchase to lapsing customers to drive specific customer behavior. 

Built for Security & Scale

  • Built on Microsoft Azure security and PII compliance
  • The bLoyal solution architecture is designed for infinite scale
  • Each transaction is handled in under 200 milliseconds; processing over half a Billion API calls annually.

Launch a Comprehensive Loyalty Marketing Strategy Across All Your Brands with the Executive Edition!

With the bLoyal Executive Edition, you will have access to our Consulting Team to help you fully configure, design, and launch advanced loyalty or subscription programs across all your Brands! All the bLoyal capabilities for multi-brand Corporations are included in the Executive Edition. Contact us if you need any help in finding the right fit for you, our Support Team is here to help you all the way.


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