Omnichannel Gift Cards for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Boost Cross-Channel Purchases

Encourage cross-channel purchases and attract new customers with bLoyal’s omnichannel gift cards. This powerful offering serves as a catalyst for increased sales and customer acquisition.

Seamless Redemption Across Platforms

bLoyal gift cards can be effortlessly redeemed on any bLoyal integrated eCommerce cart and POS system. Whether it’s traditional alphanumeric gift cards or convenient e-gift cards, customers can use them both online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

Trackable and Multi-Channel Options

Enjoy the benefits of trackable, multi-channel gift cards with bLoyal. Choose between traditional alphanumeric plastic gift cards or automated email delivery for e-gift cards purchased through your web store. Monitor usage and engagement easily.

Convenience and Flexibility

Traditional bLoyal gift cards can be provisioned and loaded directly through your existing point-of-sale system. This enables seamless redemption both in-store and online, providing a convenient and flexible experience for customers.


Loyalty Integration

Take customer loyalty to the next level with bLoyal. As bLoyal is integrated down to the tender level, you can reward customers with additional points or benefits when they use their private-label gift cards, further enhancing their loyalty and engagement.

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Gain valuable insights with bLoyal’s comprehensive reporting features. Understand outstanding liabilities, track frequency of use, and generate supply distribution reports for franchisees. Make data-driven decisions for optimized performance.

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Unlock the Power of Gift Cards

Leverage gift cards to your advantage:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Increase cash flow
  • Boost margin through lower transaction fees
  • Drive higher purchase frequency and basket size

Contact Our Team for Revenue-Boosting Gift Card Solutions

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