Omnichannel Gift Card Campaigns for Every Retail Marketer

86% of digital marketers agree that implementing omnichannel strategies is a priority in their business. Supply chain management, product availability, payments and gifting are all components of the customer experience that require consistency across both online and in-store buying experiences.

As retail marketers look for new, innovative solutions to encourage omnichannel adoption there may be one sitting right in front of them.  Although digital gift cards can’t solve all integration challenges, they offer an already packaged payment solution. Digital gift cards are flexible by design, making sending, delivery and redemption easier for the gift giver, the gift receiver and the retailer administering the card.

The Benefits of Omnichannel Gift Card Campaigns

Offering gift card incentives to your customers can help you:

  • Increase sales and generate cash flow, thanks to the endowment effect and customers’ desire to use the incentives
  • Bring in new business, if given to new customers.

  • Promote impulse buys, as shoppers are more comfortable investing in additional goods or services when part of the purchase is covered

  • Increase the average shopping basket, especially if you put a minimum order value as a condition to using the gift card
  • Offer real-time tracking, reporting, and management (if you have a digital promotion management system like bLoyal)
  • Help you to reduce fraud, as opposed to publicly available promotions, as gift cards are personalized and can be redeemed just once

  • Increase margin by avoiding credit card process fees

Omnichannel Gift Card Campaign Ideas

Get creative on how you use your brand’s gift cards! Having gift cards as a “safety” or last-minute gift option for your customers to avoid the uncomfortable task of buying a loved one a gift they might end up changing, is not the only thing you can do with this amazing tool. Here are a few ideas to maximize the impact of your digital gift cards:

  • Giveaway Campaign: To take part in the contest, a contestant must give you their demographic information. The winner gets a gift card, non-refundable and exchangeable for cash.
  • Re-engagement Campaign: An effective and easy way to launch a re-engagement campaign amongst your loyalty program members is by giving away $15 gift cards valid for purchases above $50 for a short period of time.
  • Special Dates Campaign: A great example of this campaign strategy is launching a campaign right before a special date by sending a gift card to your subscribers.
  • New Collection: Want to make a big splash with your new collection or product? You can offer a gift card for the new collection. It is a good example of a product-promoting campaign that you can use to promote new launches, collections, leftover stock, or slow-moving goods.
  • Thank You Campaign: You can run a thank-you campaign sending a gift card to customers who have bought them previously.
    • Promotion conditions:
    • Only valid on orders above $XXX.
    • Expires the same day (giving big urgency to the offer).
  • Refer a Friend Campaign: You can organize a campaign where every individual that refers a new customer gets a digital gift card. Through bLoyal, you can award both the referring and referred customers.
  • VIP Customers Campaign: Send out an email campaign with the subject line “You made the list! Gift inside 🎉 ” to your top-tier customers offering them a gift card for their next purchase.
  • Second Purchase Campaign: if someone places an order you can send them a gift card for future purchases. The gift coupons are sent only after the order placed within the sales timeframe is already shipped.

These are only a few strategies you can start offering your customers just by incorporating digital gift cards into your promotional and marketing strategies.   Please give us a call if you are interested in adding these capabilities to your checkout process.