How to implement a referral program and why are they important?

How to implement a referral program and why are they important? For any business with an eCommerce presence, referral programs are a cost-effective strategy to acquire new customers.    Although word-of-mouth marketing is as old as marketing itself, it’s now easier than ever to connect your loyal customers to their friends and family network

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Email Marketing Automation & Personalization

Email Marketing & Personalization Customers are constantly bombarded with daily marketing emails from numerous brands, so how do you stand out? Research demonstrates that personalizing emails and texts result in higher open and click-through rates than standard email blast techniques. Personalized marketing uses data to communicate to customers based

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Multi-Package Orders

MULTI-PACKAGE ORDERS Have you ever wondered if there was a way to make holiday shopping easier for you and your customers? We talked with our industry experts and developed an amazing new feature that will give you that competitive edge you´ve been waiting for, it is called MULTI-PACKAGE ORDERS! What are MULTI-PACKAGE ORDERS? Well, consider us your supercharged elves for this holiday season. Because with this feature,

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