Gift Card: Setup Guide for Clover

If your Clover integration is deployed with bLoyal Gift Card functionality, your bLoyal project manager will install the additional bLoyal Gift Card Connector app and configure your bLoyal Loyalty Suite app to recognize a particular SKU number or numbers for selling gift cards. Here’s where to find this setting which will be set up on each Clover register device:

On your home screen, launch the bLoyal Suite:

bloyal clover loyalty app

Click the Settings Gear Icon at the top-right:

Settings Gear Icon

Check on/modify your designated gift card SKU(s) as illustrated below. You may click the Green Plus Icon to add additional SKUs:

Green Plus Icon

Click Save at the bottom of the settings screen when done or Close if you are just reviewing and no changes were made.

Selling a Gift Card in Clover

Now, you may simply enter your configured SKU (or one of them if multiple SKUs were configured) in any Clover transaction to sell a gift card. If a variable price item, you will first be presented with a prompt to enter the price. Then, the appropriate prompt to scan/enter the gift card number will come up.

Redeeming a Gift Card in Clover

You will also have a bLoyal Gift Card button present on the Clover payment screen for redeeming a gift card. Simply click this button and then scan/enter in the gift card number to redeem

You may also check the balance of a gift card in the bLoyal Gift Card app present on your home screen:

gift card connector