How to Create a Successful Gift Card Campaign

Here are 9 tips on what to do to run successful omnichannel gift card campaigns.

1) Put them everywhere.

An easy, even obvious way to promote your gift cards is to make them available everywhere! Online and offline locations such as registration desk, restaurants, outdoor areas, menu boards, and of course online at your website, on social media, and on your newsletters.

2) Get Social.

An effective and efficient channel, which can hardly be ignored when talking about a solid marketing strategy is social media. Posts about your gift cards should be on all of your social media channels. You may also consider running promoted ads to ensure these posts get more attention. Gift cards are a great prize for social media contests, great for generating excitement and engagement.

3) Double the Points, double the fun!

Give customers something exciting to look forward to with double points when they use their gift cards. Rewarding customers with double points is a great way to boost sales around big holiday shopping weekends, as well as encourage more frequent purchases and higher-order values.

4) Satisfy the need with the right product.

Be relevant to the audience you are speaking to as well. Selling a luxury experience to a budget-conscious backpacker isn’t great marketing.

5) Take advantage of special days and events.

Having gift cards available for special days like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day creates an opportunity for guests to use them as gifts. Gift cards are one of the easiest gifts to give, and you could miss out on a huge customer base if you don’t offer them these days.

6) Think outside the box.

They may be gift cards but think of gift cards outside of the realm of direct sales. They are great for creating brand awareness, offering them as a raffle prize for one. Reward loyal customers and guests who provide referrals with gift cards.

7) Be strategic with sales.

An effective strategy employed by many hoteliers is to use gift vouchers to increase sales. Set a minimum spending limit, and for guests who exceed it, reward them with a gift voucher of $ 20 (or a similar amount). They will be happy with the reward, possibly spending a little more to cover their “prize.” If they give it to someone else, you could have a new customer.

8) Get the right tools.

With the right technology, you can easily set up an online store for your guests to purchase gift cards. It’s a simple plugin that can be customized to fit your brand, it’s easy to use, and it’s optimized for mobile devices.

9) Watch for ROI.

Learn from your mistakes and optimize based on the statistics. Boost campaigns that work, invest more to give them the necessary boost and dismantle campaigns that don’t work. bLoyal provides valuable information to help you stay on top of your campaigns and ensure a good return on investment.

To sum up!

Guests are hungry for gift cards. All you need to do is market them. Use the strategies suggested above to put your gift cards on people’s shopping radars. Through our technology, you will be able to launch the best omnichannel gift card program on the market and have a powerful commercial tool that will allow you to increase sales, attract new customers, make your business profitable, and enhance brand branding.