How bLoyal Helps NCR Counterpoint Users to Optimize Their Loyalty Programs.

Is tracking your in-store customer experience overwhelming you? Are you craving a personal relationship with your frequent customers? NCR has an incredible loyalty program that helps you connect with your customers at an individual level as you build your brand. It enables you to understand your buyers’ needs & intents and to offer relevant recommendations at the ideal moment. But this isn’t all; you could increase your customer’s lifetime value by integrating your NCR with bLoyal.

Merging your NCR loyalty program with bLoyal will help you extend your loyalty program online to your e-commerce store, channel, or platform. bLoyal enables you to customize your dynamic customer marketing and loyalty efforts seamlessly by recognizing and appreciating individual customers, boosting lifetime customer value.

Interested? Read on to learn how bLoyal facilitates NCR counterpoint users in optimizing their loyalty program.

Six ways in which bLoyal helps NCR counterpoint users optimize their loyalty program.

Integrates your web store.

Creating a data-driven and seamless experience for your brand is what consumers demand from you. However, connecting your point of sale to your e-commerce store can be difficult. Integrating solutions synch your in-store system data such as sales history and customer records with your online system data creating a common point of connection. A master record is created by centralizing the inventory from both systems, making it easy to manage your enterprise from a centralized location. bLoyal has preexisting integrations to Magento, Woo Commerce, Shopify, and Big Commerce, which gives you the authority to combine your loyalty program online and make it easy and efficient to market to your customers.

Use of Dynamic Coupons

A coupon is a promotional discount that helps drive traffic towards a particular item/product. bLoyal uses individualized and soon-to-expire coupons to encourage immediate customer activity. bLoyal helps you to establish a date on coupons issued to manage usage and create urgency for customers to redeem their discounts before they expire. On the other hand, bLoyals’ personalized coupons are strictly awarded to the target audience based on purchase history, location, and behavior. This ensures you offer promotions to the right crowd at the right time to increase your revenue.

Recording Customer experience

You can access all your client information from a central place by creating a significant master record of all your physical and online records. bLoyal uses this information to communicate effectively with your esteemed customers by sending emails and SMS with the correct information at the right time. For instance, sending a birthday wish card via SMS or email to your client on their birthday creates an impression that you care and know your customers.

Offering Omni-channel gift cards.

Customers need gift cards. bLoyal uses the right marketing strategies to market your gift cards and to deliver an enhanced loyalty experience with rewards to your online and in-store customers in real time. Offering gift card incentives helps you to increase sales and cash flow, promotes impulse buys, and brings in new business if awarded to a new customer.

Customizable subscriptions and clubs.

Did you know that customers spend 5% of their total expenditures on subscriptions? Subscriptions grant your customers access to special client benefits while at the same time generating your revenue.

Consumers are now shifting to a digital world, where they don’t need to drive to the store downtown to buy their groceries. With just one click and a subscription to a product, they receive their products automatically. The bLoyal platform enables you to automate all your customer experiences and communications to help you identify the right strategy to retain your members.

Enhanced email marketing.

We all agree that a business with any online presence needs email marketing. bLoyal enables you to use the drag-and-drop email editor for a clear layout of your automated campaign emails. This feature allows you to create responsive emails easily and edit and send marketing emails to your customers in a few minutes.

Are You Ready To Optimize Your Brand’s Loyalty Programs?

If you are looking for a loyalty-based reward program for your business, bLoyal is your answer. It builds seamlessly integrated loyalty solutions for organizations of all sizes and stages of business development.

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