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Neighborhood smoke shop is a chain of tobacco supply stores located in Houston, Texas. They offer state-of-the-art services, making it a dope place to create and bond with smoking friends. Visit their shop today and experience a sense of smoking delight with their quality tobacco pipes, electronic vapes, hookahs, and more.

The Story of Neighborhood smoke shops.

Neighborhood smoke shops transitioned to Korona POS to improve their retail technology infrastructure and wanted to implement a customizable loyalty program that could offer personalized rewards to their customers. . Manually tracking recent activities and recording data from customers was exhausting and instead, they wanted to offer a points program that rewarded customers for the total value of their purchases.

The Challenge

Neighborhood smoke shop is growing at a fast pace and experiencing a high number of walk-ins and regular customers in their stores daily. With the increase in customer demand, Neighborhood smoke shops opened new shops at different locations to meet their customers’ needs. They needed a loyalty program that seamlessly integrates into their point of sale and enables automated real-time email marketing and text messaging to all their customers.

Neighborhood smoke shop also wanted to increase customer engagement and enhance their client experience to increase customer loyalty and conserve resources. They needed to create personalized account pages for customers to enable them to redeem their points and discounts conveniently.

Acquiring and maintaining customers is one of the most challenging tasks in any retail business.

Why Neighborhood Smoke Shop chose bLoyal

bLoyal’s pre-existing integration to Korona and robust loyalty capabilities were a perfect fit for Neighborhood Smoke Shop.

bLoyal was able to support a tiered loyalty program that provided flexible redemption options for their most loyal customers.  Further, bLoyal was able to optimize promotions based on customer purchase patterns to increase customer purchase frequency.

Integrating your Korona Point of Sale with bLoyal gives you the power to sync sales history across all check-outs in a flash. bLoyal enables you to build long-lasting and profitable customer relationships by maximizing your customers’ lifetime value through recognizing and appreciating individual customers.


bLoyal pro edition has enabled neighborhood smoke shops to award discounts on some products and exclude certain products from promotions maintaining a high sales margin. With bLoyal´s loyalty programs, Neighborhood smoke shops can effectively communicate with their customers in real-time. Neighborhood smoke shops use real-time marketing strategies to record relevant customer data to aid communication. For example, they send relevant marketing messages such as birthday wishes and congratulatory messages on different milestones to customers.


Increased number of members.

Membership subscription has enabled Neighborhood to sign over 6,000 new members into their loyalty programs. Awarding different subscription levels and rewards for various stages encourages customers to purchase more to unlock the next level discounts. Subscription charges also boost lines of revenue for your business.

New Loyalty Members

Increased sales.

Neighborhood smoke shop is currently operating through a 1 point for every dollar spent reward program. This encourages consumers to spend more to earn more points and discounts.


Increased revenue.

From this pie chart, Over 70% of neighborhood smoke shops’ revenue in 2022 can significantly be attributed to the use of loyalty programs.


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Neighborhood smoke shops use bLoyals loyalty programs that integrate with their korona point of sale, helping them to effectively communicate and reward their loyal customers using customized loyalty programs. This has fostered a tremendous seller-buyer relationship at a personal level, leading to increased sales and revenue simultaneously.

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