Shopify is one of the most rapidly growing small business content management systems on the market. This unique ecommerce solution allows users to create a beautifully designed online store without knowing a single line of code. Once merchants have launched their store however, it’s time to start driving traffic.

bLoyal’s Shopify integration helps you attract, engage, and understand visitors by allowing you to create omnichannel loyalty marketing campaigns that grow average order size and customer lifetime value; as well as scale your consumer relationships with ease.

Once integrated, using bLoyal is easy. The software runs in the background of your new or existing Shopify website and utilizes the webstore’s existing UI to engage shoppers with various promotions and other calls to action, allowing you to easily onboard website visitors, apply promotions, and capture important customer data, like identifying information and purchase history, directly within your site’s normal checkout flow.

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Once integrated, you’ll have access to an unrivaled set of loyalty program management tools that will help you achieve your business goals. These include:

Omnichannel Single Master Customer Record

  • Integrate your Shopify store with the POS system of your choice such as Clover, Korona, LS Retail, Microsoft Dynamics 365, NCR & RMH
  • Customers can easily join your programs online or in-store
  • Ensure a single master customer record with all their information, purchase history and communications in one place

Powerful Promotions  

  • Increase your average ticket with promotions targeted to specific customer segments  
  • Order level and SKU specific promotions like volume discounts, BOGO & GWP  
  • Cross-sale and up-sale capabilities  
  • Frequent buyer programs over multiple purchases 

Automated Subscriptions & Recurring Order Management  

  • Create new recurring revenue streams 
  • Pre-paid or recurring billing subscriptions to let your customers access unique customer benefits  
  • Standard or custom recurring orders for products that can be shipped or picked up in-store 

Flexible Loyalty Programs

  • Retain customers and bring them back for their next purchase
  • Accruals on total purchases & product bonus points.
  • Automated points conversions to promotions or awarded coupons
  • Configurable points expirations to create urgency

Real-Time Lifecycle Engagement  

  • Engage with your customers via email and text messages to grow your programs  
  • Dynamic segments to automatically engage with your customers throughout their lifecycle  
  • Personalized messages from signup and first purchase to lapsing customers to drive specific customer behavior. 

Built for Security & Scale

  • Built on Microsoft Azure security and PII compliance
  • The bLoyal solution architecture is designed for infinite scale
  • Each transaction is handled in under 200 milliseconds; processing over half a Billion API calls annually.


Choose the right plan for you!

bLoyal´s monthly cost is designed to allow businesses of any size to take advantage of the most versatile loyalty platform on the market. Our fees are calculated by the following factors:

Editions + Integrations + Plugins + Open APIs

*30-day free trial available. For more information on Pricing click here, and for our detailed Feature List click here Volume discounts or activation fees may apply depending on your requirements.


  • Single Master Customer Record
  • Order Level Accruals & Promotions
  • Loyalty Tiers Program
  • Automated Lifecycle Engagement


  • Everything in Core, plus:
  • SKU Level Accruals & Promotions
  • Pre-Paid & Recurring Subscriptions
  • Dynamic Customer Segments


  • Everything in Pro, plus:
  • Frequent Buyer Programs
  • Cross-Sell & Upsell Promotions
  • Recurring Ship & Pickup Orders

Set up your Core Account in less than a day!

With bLoyal, you can quickly configure, design, and launch a brand-new loyalty or subscription program! You can start simple with the Core Edition and upgrade to the Pro, Marketer or Executive Editions as your business grows. Contact us if you need any help in finding the right fit for you, our Team is here to help you all the way.


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