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Omnichannel Today and Tomorrow

Omnichannel Today & Tomorrow McKinsey & Company stated in its research paper titled “Omnichannel: The Path to Value” that “Offering a compelling omnichannel experience used to be the bleeding edge of retail. Now it’s a requirement for survival”. The need to be omnichannel today, or for that matter yesterday, became clearly evident for most

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Sunshine Health Foods Case Study

Sunshine Health Foods  Retail Case Study Sunshine Health Foods, a natural health foods & nutritional supplements store, saw bLoyal as a great opportunity to build a point-of-sale integrated membership program that allows their customers to accumulate reward points that can be converted into a store credit on their accounts.   Launching a loyalty program increased

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Advertising Your Loyalty Program

Advertising Your Loyalty Program Summary: Kick your loyalty program into high gear by leveraging online advertising to bring in new customers and reengage old ones. This post offers an extensive guide on how to use landing pages, search advertising, remarketing, and retargeting to grow your loyalty and rewards program. What are the benefits?

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