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Building a Frequent Buyer Program

BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL FREQUENT BUYER PROGRAM Summary: Frequent buyer programs, are some of the most commonly recognized customer retention strategies for most businesses. Yet many organizations don’t utilize them to their fullest potential. In this post, learn how to maximize the return on investment with proven strategies for growing your frequent buyer programs. GETTING

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Loyalty Marketing KPIs – A Guide to Getting Started

Loyalty Marketing KPIs –A Guide to Getting Started Summary: Loyalty programs are an investment. For most businesses, they mean added hours of learning, setup, management, and understanding. Proving their return with the right key performance indicators can present unique business intelligence challenges for even the most experienced marketers. In this post, we talk

By |2022-03-01T09:22:37-08:00March 1st, 2022|How To, Loyalty|Comments Off on Loyalty Marketing KPIs – A Guide to Getting Started

Omnichannel Today and Tomorrow

Omnichannel Today & Tomorrow McKinsey & Company stated in its research paper titled “Omnichannel: The Path to Value” that “Offering a compelling omnichannel experience used to be the bleeding edge of retail. Now it’s a requirement for survival”. The need to be omnichannel today, or for that matter yesterday, became clearly evident for most

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Sunshine Health Foods Case Study

Sunshine Health Foods  Retail Case Study Sunshine Health Foods, a natural health foods & nutritional supplements store, saw bLoyal as a great opportunity to build a point-of-sale integrated membership program that allows their customers to accumulate reward points that can be converted into a store credit on their accounts.   Launching a loyalty program increased

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Advertising Your Loyalty Program

Advertising Your Loyalty Program Summary: Kick your loyalty program into high gear by leveraging online advertising to bring in new customers and reengage old ones. This post offers an extensive guide on how to use landing pages, search advertising, remarketing, and retargeting to grow your loyalty and rewards program. What are the benefits?

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How to have a successful text message marketing program

How to have a successful text message marketing program. Text messaging is a great way to deliver priority, high-value communications directly to your customers. Research shows that text campaigns can have open rates over 90% in comparison to an average open rate of 15% for emails.  bLoyal clients obtain a 3x higher action

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Biltmore Wine Estates Case Study

Biltmore Wine Estates Winery Case Study Marketer Edition Counterpoint United States The Story of Biltmore  Established in 1895 by George Vanderbilt, Biltmore is an 8,000-acre estate featuring America's Largest Home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC. It is also the most visited winery

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Complete 360

Complete 360 Case Study Marketer Edition Counterpoint & WooCommerce United States Introduction Complete 360 (Formally Complete Nutrition) is a business that offers various products in the health and fitness industry such as protein powder, supplements, healthy snacks, and smoothies. They use bLoyal to manage

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